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Welcome to the website of Agrár – Coop Ltd.

Agrár – Coop Ltd. is a middle-sized company situated in Teskánd, Zala county. The company employs 90 people and considers its mission to serve the needs of its clients with quality products at a high level. Its primary aim in business is to satisfy the needs of its partners and provide them with advantages. The company regards as its most important strategic aim the establishment of values towards the clients and this applies to all the coming sections of the company.

Live animal trade and fattening

Live animal trade is the most determining activity of our company.  On the one hand, we deal with the purchasing and marketing of calves, cattle and pigs to Hungarian and foreign partners.  On the other hand, we produce white meat veal in our own cattle farm which has a capacity of 4000 calves in Nagykapornak, which is equipped with Holland feeding technology. Calves are exported after they have reached the appropriate increase of weight.  Our own truck park enables us to serve our clients effectively and professionally.

Lubricants trade

Our highly qualified engineers are available for the clients providing a wide range of automotive and industrial lubricants. Our stable stock of 150 tons and our free delivery service secures the immediate and entire service of our clients. As an additional service we care for the transport of dangerous oil waste.
We are the exclusive importer of the lubricant OEST in Hungary. Besides we also deal in ESSO and MOBIL products.


Cooling technology

Our company deals with a wide area of cooling technology including building in refrigerators with vaporization, making baths with freezing water, installation of air and water-cooled condensing units and individual forming of multi-compressor units. Moreover we also deal with the construction of machines and equipment which are necessary for climate techniques, for medium- and heavy-duty industrial and process cooling. Besides we are available for our clients with the installation and service of milking machines. We offer complex technical service including design, installation of equipment, their mending and maintenance.

Fodder and seed corns trade

We sell seed-corn for plant cultivation and various pesticides. We also trade in basic and supplemental materials used for feeding animals, mainly for cattle, pigs and pets.

Animal health

We trade in veterinary products in our animal pharmacy where we also give our clients technical advice. We provide free delivery service in the territory of whole Hungary. We also provide veterinary disinfection and insemination.



Our company has its own truck park. Our livestock trucks meet the strict requirements of the EU. By means of these trucks we can deliver live animals to our partners. Besides delivering our own goods we also deal with carriage for hire which in case of need may include execution of transportation can be done by vessel and by air.

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